The right lip enhancing formula will help mimic the effect of a softer, plumper pout. We, at Nyor, understand the value of the right product. After consulting the top cosmetic chemists from the UK, we have carefully devised these lip-plumping formulae that will help you fake your way to natural, fuller-looking lips that will leave behind a tingly-in-a-good-way feeling.

Be natural.
Be beautiful.
Be you.

Enriched with paracress flower extracts, these antioxidant-rich ‘Plumping Lip Color’ work with a three-pronged approach — reducing the appearance of wrinkles, hydrating your lips, and boosting their volume to endow you with natural, fuller-looking, defined lips. With its flexible, precision teardrop applicator, it’s so easy to reach every corner of your lips for the perfect coverage.


  • Mix well before applying
  • Coat your lips with the formula evenly
  • Wear alone or with your lipstick/liner
  • Depending on your skin type, the plumping effect will be visible on your lips within 10-15 minutes of application*
  • Enjoy plump lips for up to 6 hours*

For best results, scrub your lips before applying Nyor Lip Plumpers.

*Individual results may vary