About Nyor

Nyor, meaning ‘dew drops’ in Assamese, is all about creating beauty products that are delicate, safe and would make everyone look like themselves, but better and more confident — A boost to one’s natural beauty.

When our founder, Parineeta Borthakur started her acting career in Mumbai, she sat through hours of makeup, always observing how the makeup artist’s hands moved, how he mixed products and colours to get the perfect shade. She also understood how makeup worked differently on-screen and off-screen, according to the lighting.

Being inquisitive about what goes into cosmetic products, Parineeta did her own research on the various chemical names enlisted on the packaging and was taken aback when she realized that many of the ingredients were animal-derived or were harsh chemicals themselves. So, in 2017, she got down to developing cosmetics with no compromises on quality and efficacy. And there’s been no looking back since.


To create a premium Indian makeup brand that is luxurious yet with a conscience, vegan yet indulgent.

Nyor Cosmetics is not just a passion project. It’s the labour of years of research, searching for the right and safe ingredients, much trial and error, and constantly innovating to bring unique beauty products to the Indian market that will yield unwavering consumer trust. Founded in 2018, Nyor has collaborated with the best cosmetic chemists from UK and Italy to develop products that are safe and contain top-class ingredients. Created with a perfect understanding of Indian skin tones and types, all our current, as well as the upcoming products, have been manufactured for professional and regular use to celebrate every Indian skin tone. And most importantly, all Nyor products are paraben free, cruelty free and vegan, as certified by PETA.

N – represents Natural; picking the best ingredients from nature that are gentle on the skin
Y – symbolizes You, helping you bring out your individual beauty through makeup
O – depicts Originality, working on materializing a unique and creative idea for cosmetics
R – stands for Rare, you won’t find such multitaskers anywhere else